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Prices below are net, not including 27% VAT.

For specific services and builds please contact for a custom price quote.
Project expenses also depend on the condition of engine parts provided by the customer.

Project build cost

Covers the following:

  • Quote
  • Engineering
  • Part supply
  • Additional ingredients
  • 3rd party costs (machinist, etc.)
  • Mechanic work by us

For non pre-agreed tasks (revision, tuning, diagnostics etc.) the hourly labor rate is 50 EUR + vat(27%) HUF.

Lada Racing engine build calculator

* product price covers gross purchase cost

Cylinder Body / Block

New 21213 cylinder body/block 580 EUR
Eloxed aluminium crankshaft pulley 80 EUR


New 84mm stroke crankshaft 550 EUR
70mm-90mm stroke forged steel crankshaft* 1350 EUR

Pistons, Connecting rods

Hungarian Racing pistons 360 EUR
ROSS Racing forged pistons* 890 EUR
H beam steel conrod set* 520 EUR

Cylinder Head

Schrick valve spring set* 240 EUR
Bronze valve guides 45 EUR
Adjustable camshaft gear 80 EUR
Ford oversized valve set
/diameter: 41/35mm, stem: 8mm/
180 EUR
Custom sandwich type steel plated head gasket 75EUR
New parts
/oil pump, water pump, chain, bearings, tensioners, gaskets, etc./
Havassy Motorsport reground camshaft 150 EUR
Havassy Motorsport remanufactured steel camshaft
/12,5-13,0mm valve lift/
295 EUR
Havassy Motorsport state of the art steel camshaft
/with 14,2-14,2mm valve lift/
310 EUR


2x Weber 45 DCOE*  EUR
Intake manifold with special O ring set 220 EUR


Exhaust header 4-2-1 280 EUR
4-2-1 stainless steel exhaust header 380 EUR

Flywheel, Clutch

Custom steel flywheel 195 EUR
Sachs/Tilton AP Racing Clutch* 800 EUR
Sintered iron clutch disk 145 EUR


Throttle linkage set 80 EUR


All inclusive labour cost for a complete engine by Havassy Motorsport
(may vary depending on build)

2250 EUR


  • Normal single /single run, full RPM range/: 50 EUR
  • Engine tuning /multiple runs including ignition timing, camshaft, AFR adjustment/: custom quoted, usually between 200 and 450EUR.



  • 4 cylinder with 4 counterweights: from 50EUR
  • 4 cylinder with 8 counterweights: from  80 EUR


  • Normal including turnery: from 50 EUR
  • Custom: from 100 EUR


  • Crankshaft and flywheel: from 70 EUR
  • Crankshaft, flywheel and clutch: from 85EUR
  • Crankshaft only: from  50 EUR
  • Flywheel only: from 45 EUR
  • Flywheel and clutch: from 60 EUR
  • Brake discs and pulleys: custom quote


Prices are only valid if a good-condition replacement camshaft is provided.


  • Reground 272°/10 mm:  150 EUR
  • Reground 296°/11 mm:   150 EUR
  • Reground 312°/11,2 mm: 150 EUR
  • Reground 316°/304°/11.9 mm/11.3 mm: 150 EUR
  • Remanufactured steel 316°/304°/13.0/13.0mm: 295 EUR
  • Remanufactured steel 316/328° 13.0/12.2 mm:  295 EUR
  • Remanufactured steel 328°/328°12.2/12.2 mm:  295 EUR
  • Remanufactured steel 328°/304°/12.2/13.0mm:  295 EUR
  • Latest developed steel 324°/324°/14,2/14,2mm: 310 EUR


  • Reground 8valve: from 160 EUR
  • Reground 16valve: from  320 EUR
  • Reground 8valve, double camshafts (like Fiat): from 200 EUR
  • VW PDTDI 1.9 camshaft regrinding: 220 EUR
  • Remanufactured steel camshaft for 8 valves: from 350 EUR
  • Remanufactured steel double camshafts for 16 valves: from 650 EUR

Inline 6 cylinder engine camshafts are not available.

Adjustable cam gear
/custom eloxed aluminium/

  • LADA chain: 80 EUR
  • LADA belt:    90 EUR
  • Other, made from stock provided by the customer: from  90 EUR

/custom eloxed aluminium/

  • LADA: 80 EUR
  • Other: from 90 EUR